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Manufacturer:Sinclair Industries, Inc.
Description:Every contractor knows it's costly to measure, cut, fit, brace and nail wooden supports in steel and concrete buildings, not to mention the waste o lumber. Compare this antiquated method with the new efficient way of setting metal door and window frames and you will understand why contractors all over the country are enthused about the new Sinclair Buck-Up.

An accurate setting from any angle, in any position, is accomplished in a matter of minutes -- not hours ... and without materials or hand tools. Simply clamp one end of the Buck-Up to the metal door or window frame and attach the other end to an exposed beam or to a powder driven stud in concrete, adjust length to proper setting of frame and then tighten connecting spade bolt to lock device securely in position. It's that easy!

Buck-Ups are easy to take down and may be moved from job to job. They will more than pay for themselves on the first job.

Made of sturdy steel tubular construction with heavy gauge steel universal clamps and adjustment screws. Rust-resistant cadmium plated throughout.

No. 400 (For ceiling heights up to 12 feet). Overall length of Buck-Up ranges form 3 feet to 10 inches minimum to 6 feet 9 inches maximum when fully extended. Six to a carton, shipping weight 20 pounds.

No. 480 (For ceiling heights up to 15 feet). Overall length of Buck-Up ranges from 5 feet 9 inches minimum to 10 feet 6 inches maximum when fully extended. Six to a carton, shipping weight 29 pounds.
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