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Category:Concrete Accessories
SubCategory: Combiform Screed Rail Forming System
Description:The CombiForm screed rail forming system is a unique system designed to offer the flat slab contractor many advantages.

The quality product is lightwieight, flexible, provides easy and quick installation without strain, allow controlable toleraces and accurate height and slope adjustment.

The CombiForm screed rail is a machine-made product manufactured to close toleraces under strict quality control parameters. It is designed to serve as both a flat slab form and a screed rail.

The unique screw leveling feature provides easy, precise height and slope adjustment. The strict manufacturing parameters, couples to precise height and slope adjustment equates to complete control of slab tolerances.

The screed rail incorporates a plactic strip which provides a smooth, quiet glide bed for the screeding equipment.

The CombiForm System provides a quality product with: easy and speedy installation, minimized labor and complete control of slab tolerances.
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