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Manufacturer:Kaufman Products Inc.

Super Floor System

Combination epoxy and urethane sealing system. Best of both products. Epoxy base coat for excellent adhesion and rethane topcoat for excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Excellent system for sealing and protecting floors. Clear and pimented. Very good chemical and abrasion resistance.

SurePoxy Hi Bild
100% solids, 2 component epoxy polyamine adduct coating for damp and dry surfaces. Solvent free. High build. Clear and pigmented

ASTM C-881: Type III
Grade 2, Class C

Provides tile-like coating that waterproofs and protects against corrosion and deterioration.

High performance, 2 component 100% solids epoxy. Uses special high abrasion and chemical resistant ahrdeneers

Recommended for exposed concrete in factories, warehouses and other heavy duty areas.

K Pro 750 Series
100% solid high performance coating that sets and hardens very quickly. Comes in clear and colors

SurePoxy 717 718
100% solid, flexible epoxy coating, utilizing the inherent advantages of tough epoxy resins cross linked with aliphatic amine adduct hardeners.

Provides an epoxy coating with some degree of flexibility to withstand thermal cycling on concrete masonry and steel surfaces.

K Pro UC Systems
100% epoxy coating designed for application underwater to concrete and steel.

Protects steel and concrete surfaces in tidal and splash zones as well as above water.

SurePoxy Protective Coating
High solids, 2 component epoxy polyaminde sealer. Clear and pigmented.

Use for low mil thickness chemical and abrasion resistant sealer to reduce maintenance. 2-3 coats recommended.

SurePoxy Penetrating Sealer
Low solids, 2 component epoxy sealer for deep penetration into concrete with low surface build.

Penetrates deeply into the concrete and provides protection from within.

SurePoxy Thinner
Special blend of solvents with relatively high flash points for increased safety.

Use for cleaning equipment and thinning epoxy compounds.

Moisture cur polyurethane. Clear only. Dries by reaction with moisture.

Meets: TT-C-5426, Type I

High quality abrasion and chemical resistant sealer. Resistant to solvents. Use 2-3 coats.

Sureal Sureal E
Pure methyl methacrylate, non-yellowing sealers. Excellent adhesion and durability. Comes in either solvent or water borne emulsion.

Use on exposed aggregate or other concrete to protect against stains and enhance colors of aggregates. Excellent for use with Expose.

High solids rubber base. Clear and pigmented. Acid and alkali resistant. May be applied over acrylic curing compounds without acid etching.

Decorative, dustproofed concrete floors. Easy maintenance. Use 2-3 coats.

Concrete Floor Etch
Special modified acid solution or correct strength to properly acid etch floors.

Use to properly etch floors prior to epoxy and urethane coating applications.
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