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SubCategory: Concrete Repair Systems
Manufacturer:Sika Corp.

Sikagard 62

2-component, high-build, solvent-free and moisture-insensitive epoxy coating that provides a seamless, tile-like finish with excellent chemical-and abrasion-resistance. Approved for contact with potable water. USDA approved



1-component, flexible high-build acrylic emulsion coating for concrete and masonry. Capable of bridging hairline cracks while allowing substrate movement at all extremes of temperature and weather. Excellent durability, color retention, and UV stability. Waterproofs while maintaining concrete breathability. Available in smooth or textured finish.

Crack Healer/Sealer

SikaPronto 19

Very low viscosity liquid sealer/healer for repair of cracked, porous concrete surfaces. Applied by roller or squeegee, its water-thin viscosity easily penetrates the finest of fissures to produce a tough, water and salt-resistant polymer plug.

SikaPronto 19TF
SikaPronto 19 enhanced with an accelerated cure time that allows opening areas to traffic in 3 hours maximum.


Sikagard 70-a

1-component, water-repellant, penetrating sealer for use on concrete, masonry, and other absorbent surfaces. Allows concrete to breathe, yet shields substrate and embedded rebars from the deliterious/corrosive effects of water and chlorides.
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SubCategory: Concrete Repair Systems
Manufacturer:Sika Corp.
Description:Sikadur epoxy resins are available in a wide range of modulus and viscosities .. high-modulus for structural adhesion, how for mortars/concretes, and braodcast, skid-resistant systems. All are moisture-insensitive before, during, after cure; conform to ASTM C-881.

Sikadur Hi-Mod Epoxies
High strength adhesives for structural bonding, grouting, anchoring, fastening

Sikadur 32, Hi Mod
Bond plastic to hardened concrete

Sikadur 35, Hi Mod LPL
Long pot life bonding agent

Sikadur 31, Hi Mod Gel
head, embed bolts

Sikadur Lo-Mod Epoxies
Combine high strength with low modulus for maximum perfomance against impact, abrasion, thermal change.

Sikadur 22, Lo Mod
Binder coat for aggregate

Sikadur 21, Lo Mod LV
Patch/Overlay mortar

Sikadur 23, Lo Mod Gel

Sikadur 51 NS/SL
Flexible-epoxy jointing compound - tough, resillient, shock absorbing, 2-component epoxy to fill non-moving joints:

Sikadur Injection Gel
2-component, solvent-free, moisture-insensitive paste-like epoxy adhesive. Ultra-smooth consistency permits easy pumping.

Sikadur 52
2-component epoxy injection adhesive. Its viscosity is more resistant to thickening in colder temperatures than other epoxy injection resins.

Sikadur 33
Very rapid-curing, 2-component epoxy smooth-paste adhesive to surface-seal cracks for fast-track (one hour) pressure injection.

Sikadur 43 Patch-Pak
Pre-proportioned, 3-component, rapid-strength-gaining epoxy mortar patching kit.

Sikadur 42, Grout-Pak
Pre-proportioned epoxy resin system and aggregate for grouting machinery bases.

Sikadur Combiflex
Set-to-go kit to seal erratic-moving and unusual joints and cracks. Kit consists of Hypalon sheeting and Sikadur 31 epoxy gel.
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SubCategory: Concrete Repair Systems
Manufacturer:Sika Corp.
Description:Sikaflex sealants are premium-grade, high-performance polyurethanes with a worldwode track record over 25 years long. Available in 1 or 2 components, Sikaflex remains permanently flexible with outstanding adhesion to more building materials without a primer. Excellent cut/tear resistance, exceptional staining, paintable, and varying grades make Sikaflex the sealant to choose for almost all applications.

Sikaflex 1a
1-component, moisture-cured polyurethane sealant with +-25% joint movement capability.

1-component, moisture-cured polyurethane sealant formulated to withstand high-movement joints in panel and wall systems as well as high-sway areas of tall structures. 15LM exhibits a 700% elongation at break and +100%, - 50% joing movement capability. Sikaflex 1a and 15LM meet TT-S-00230C, ASTM C-920, and physical requirements of TT-S-001543A

Sikaflex-1a and 15LM are available in 20 fl. oz. foil encased uni-pac sausages. The innovative sausages save money, reude material waster, eliminate mixing and clean-up, cut storage and handling problems with a 1-year shelf life. The convenience of a tube at the cost of bulk.

Sikaflex 2c
2-component, polyurethane sealant available in non-sag and self-leveling consistency. Curing principally by chemical action allow placement in joints exceeding in depth. 2c allows +-50% joint movement capability and meets TT-S-00227E, ASTM C-920. Convenient color-pak provides greater versatility. Choice of 40 colors.
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