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Category:Joint Materials
SubCategory: Dark Cork Joint Filler
Manufacturer:A.P.S. Cork
A.P.S. Dark Cork Joint Filler is performed from clean, granulated cork particles, bonded together under the effects of heat and steam, a totally natural process. The resultant material is strong, light in weight, flexible, acid resistant and waterproof. The natural bonding process offers the guarantee that toxic fumes such as chloride, cyanide or other dangerous gases will not be released.

A.P.S. Dark Cork Joint Filler should be used for all types of concrete construction where the expansion joint must be compatible with polymer base sealants. Our convenient 2' X 3' sheet size allows for ease of handling by field personnel and jobsite cutting.

* Can be compressed without extrusion.
* Recovers to approximately 95% of original thickness after compression.
* Does not disentegrate in boiling water or hydrochloric acid.
* Compatible with polymer sealants.
* Resistant to Blistering.
* Is not attacked by rodents or termites.
* Easy to install and transport.
* Non-toxic

Specification Conference
ASTM D1752, Type II
AASHTO M153, Type II

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