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AKWADRAIN highway edge drain is a two-part prefabricated drainage material consisting of a formed polymeric core covered on both sides with a non-woven, needle-punched polypropylene filter fabric. The fabric allows water or other liquids to pass into the drain core while restricting the movement of soil particles which might clog the core. The core allows the water to flow to the designated drainage exits.

New developments

In these difficult economic times, architects, engineers and owners are looking for ways to reduce initial costs and extend the service life of all construction projects. In this environment, information supplied from local and federal government agencies has led American Wick Drain engineers to develop the strongest, most efficient highway edge drain product.

AKWADRAIN highway edge drain

*Longitudinal flow capacity of over 20 gallons per minute (for 12 drain) provides rapid removal of water from subbase even in high inflow conditions. Structure of core provides multiple flow channels for vertical and horizontal water flow.

*Inflow capacity on roadway side of drain of over 100 gallons per minute per foot (for 12 drain). Over 85% of drain area is open to receive water.

Core compressive strength is over 6,000-9,500 pounds per square foot (42-66 psi) under normal load. Practically no loss of

Strength under shear loading. Core material has minimal loss of strength due to creep.

Easy to handle and install. Lightweight (6.5 oz/sq.ft), easy to handle (12, 18 & 24 wide 1 thick 7 diameter 500 long) drain is placed quickly and easily with standard equipment. No skilled laborers are required. Inexpensive to store and transport compared to aggregate drain

Chemically resistant. Both fabric and core have excellent resistance to petroleum-based chemicals, as well as all naturally-occurring soil materials.

Resists clogging. Fabric is specially designed for edge drain applications to resist clogging from subbase materials. Other fabrics are available for unusual subbase or soil conditions

Puncture and tear resistant. Fabric has high resistance to puncture or tearing, which is particularly important during installation.

UV Resistant. Fabric contains UV inhibitors to protect drain in storage and during installation.
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