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SubCategory: EPS Insulation
Manufacturer:Cellofoam No. America, Inc.
Description:Density: 1.0 pcf (nominal)
R-value* : 3.85 @75 degrees F
Compressive strength: 10-14 psi
Flexural strength: 25-30 psi
Water vapor transmission rate: 2.0-5.0 perm-inches
Water adsorption: Less than 4.0% by volume
Oxygen index: 24%

R-value is the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

WARNING: This product is combustible and if exposed to a fire of sufficient heat and intensity may burn rapidly. It should not be left exposed or inadequately protected. Consult specific instructions for use accompanying this product.

All EPS insulation products manufactured by Cellofoam North America Inc. meet applicable standards including:

ASTM C578-87a (formerly HH-I-524C)
HUD/FHA Use of Material, Bulleting #71
ICBO (Section 1712) Compliance Report # 3401
BOCA (Section 1317) Compliance Report #82-62
SBCCI (Section 717) Compliance Report #74200
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Military Spec. MILP-19644C
Military Spec. MILP-40619A

Recommend CELLOFOAM EPS insulation with confidence.

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