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SubCategory: Form Treatments/Concrete & Mortar Admixtures
Manufacturer:Kaufman Products Inc.
Description:SureForm 20
Original physical form release agent. Provides release by physically preventing bond and reacting with the alkali. Non-hazardous, non-toxic

CE-204, Sect. 7.10
CD 1401.01 Sect. 17.14

Recommended for precast and prestressed plants.

Chemical release agent with high coverage rates for jobsite conditions

Meets: CE-204

Provides a good release from all types of forms on jobsites

FormKote VOC
VOC compliant chemical release agent. High coverage rates

Meets: CE-204

Provides excellent release every time.

FormKote Emulsion
Emulsion chemical release agent that meets all requirements by the EPA for VOC content regulations. Material changes from white when wet to clear when dry to aid in application.

Water based release agent designed to be used in areas where the environment is at risk. As well as to meet EPA specifications in general construction.

KleenLease 28
Chemically active, drying type form release agent

Meets: CE-204

Provides a dry form surface to avoid coating cables and for additional safety above ground. Recommended for precast and prestressed concrete.

SureForm Sealer
Moisture cured urethane for highest flexibility and resistance.

Designed as sealer for wood forms to protect forms from elements and prevent grain transferral.
Catalog page:072

SubCategory: Form Treatments/Concrete & Mortar Admixtures
Manufacturer:Kaufman Products Inc.
Description:Form Treatments/Concrete & Mortar Admixtures

Expose WP

Surface retarder for horizontal concrete surfaces. Available in 2 strengths and 2 type-clear and white pigmented.

Inexpensively expose aggregates on freshly poured flatwork without "hot-spots"

Monomelecular polymer film that serves as an evaporation retardand and finishing aid for hig quality concrete flatwork.

It forms a thin continuous film which retards rapid water evaporation from the surface during windy, hot days.

5% pure silicone resin in solvent solution.

Meets: SS-W-110C

Use on above grade masonry, except limestone, marble and other calcareous surfaces.

Excell NC
Non-chloride accelrating water reducing admixture.

Recommented for concrete and mortar. Speeds the set during cold weather.

Accelerating admixture for concrete and mortar. Strongest acting.

Use in mortar or concrete to speed the set. Reduces water requirements

A natural graphite based lubricant for allowing dowel bars to slide in concrete pavements and allow for expansion and contraction.

Provides much greater lubricity when compared to greases and oils.

Pneumatic/Manual Dual Cartridge Guns
Special guns designed to dispense catridge units of epoxies of either 1:1 or 2:1 mix ratios.

Use for vertical application of epoxy gels, low, or regular viscosity epoxy repair products.
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