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Manufacturer:Lubriplate Div., Fiske Brothers Refining Co.
Description:Items available in 14 1/2 oz. cartridges

No. 630-2 Part No. 07298
An NLGI Grade No. 2 lithium grease. Excellent for multi-purpose, general greasing. Anti-wear/Extreme pressure, water resistant. Workable 0 F to 380 F.

No. 730-2 Part No. 08598
An NLGI Grade No. 2 aluminum complex grease. For industrial or construction applications under adverse conditions. Workable -10 F to 560 F.

No. 1200-2 Part No. 10298
Lithium grease, NLGI Grade No. 2. An excellent wheel bearing and chassis grease. Workable -25 F to 400 F.

No. 1242 Part No. 10898
A lithium, polymer for heavy-duty applications on trucks, construction equipment NJGI Grade No. 2. Workable -15 F to 425 F.

No. 3000 Part No. 10898
Very tacky, moly, grease. Excellent on heavy construction equipment. Will not wash out. NLGI Grade No. 2. Workable range from 0 F to 450 F. Very popular with construction maintenance personnel.

No. 3000-W (Winter Grade)
NLGI Grade No. 1, workable temperature range from -30F to 275F. Moly, lithium grease for cold weather applications on heavy-duty equipment. Tacky.

Mo-Lith No. 2 Part No. 18098
This NLGI No. 2 lubricant is a moly-lithium base grease with a working temperature range from -10 F to 360 F. It is an anti-wear, extreme pressure lubricant.

Low-Temp Part No. 17298
An anhydrous Calcium grease with a very low temperature range of -60 F to 280 F. Excellent for applications in freezers or extremely severe weather conditions. For fifth wheels and heavy construction equipment in cold weather. NLGI Grade No. 1.5.

MAG-1 Part No. 18998
Excellent for use on cams, slides, gears, in extreme cold temperature applications. NLGI No. 1 Grade, workable from 60 F to 360 F.

Low-Temp Gear Shield Part No. 17398
Wide working range of -60 F to 400 F. for open gears in severe cold weather conditions. NLGI Grade No. 2.

EMB Part No. 14874
For use on electric motor bearings, fans blowers, air handlers, etc. NLGI Grade No. 2 with a working range of -20F to 390F.

Gear Shield Extra Heavy
A lithium base grease, NLGI Grade No. 2. For open gears, under normal temperature conditions. Protects against friction, wear, dirt, and grime. 20F to 370F.

* Gear Shield Extra Heavy available in 10 1/2 oz. caulk type cartridges.

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