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Manufacturer:Aervoe-Pacific Co.
Description:Aervoe's new lead free marking paint is used on wood, concrete, asphalt, brick, gravel and turfgrass.

All amrking paint for mulations manufactured by Aervoe-Pacific Company are lead free, This industry first introduction has been achieved with no added cost to the end user. All custormer and field safety engineer personnel can be assured that there is no longer a need to be concerned over the possible lead exposure limit while using Aervoe brand marking paints. Meets all OSHA user safety requirements.

Aervoe is best by test!*

Not only does Aervoe 17oz net wt. marking paint five you 31% more useable product than other 13oz. cans, but based on equal hide test the yield per ounce of product is up to 24% better than the competition. A possible 56% increase in value.


Size: 17 oz
Net Wt. Aerosol: 20.2 Fluid Oz.
Pack: 12 to case
Weight: 17 lbs.


A.P.W.A. Utility Assignments
201 Safety Red - Electric cables and conduits
202 High Visibility Yellow - Gass, oil and chemical lines
203 Precaution Blue - Water systems
204 Safety Green - Sewer, sanitary and storm drains
205 Safety Alert Orange - Communications (Telephone, television)


Regular Colors
206 Black - Used for block out of old lines
207 White - Independent contractor assignments
210 Silver - Good leafing reflection over asphalt
213 Brown - Special order - treated waster water

* Housing combination marking


Flourescent Colors
220 Flourescent Red
222 Flourescent Orange
224 Flourescent Green
226 Flourescent Yellow

*Application where short tem (2-3 weeks) color brilliance is desired over longer lasting colors.


Spray Chalks
214 Blue
215 White
216 Red
217 Orange
218 Yellow
219 Green

*For temporary marking of all surgaces; the powder-like marking will wash off with water or self destruct with traffic. Eliminate graffiti, don't add to it!


Turfgrass Marking Paint
254 Blue
255 White
256 Red
258 Yellow

*Specially formulated Latex Paint for turf and agricultural surfaces
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