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Category:Masonry Accessories
SubCategory: Masonry and Brick Cleaner
Manufacturer:Prosoco, Inc.
Description:Sure Klean new construction cleaners are in exclusive blend of organic and inorganic ingredients formulated with special wetting agents that allow the cleaner to remain on the surface longer without harming it.

Sure Klean 600 Detergent is a effective general purpose cleaner for the final cleandown of new masonry. Specifically formulated to clean excess mortar, grout and job dirt from new masonry, tile and concrete, 600 Detergent disolves mortar smears quickly.

Vana Trol is specifically formulated for final cleandown of new masonry surfaces that are subject to vanadium, manganese, molybdenum and other metallic stains common to white and most light-colored brick.

101 Lime Solvent has proven effective since 1954. this special formula removes excess mortar and job dirt from red and dark-coloered brick that are subject to metallic stains. 101 Lime Solvent will not discolor or bleach mortar joints or dark-colored masonry.

Light Duty Concrete Cleaner is a general purpose monetching acidic stains and mortar smears without altering surface texture.

Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner is a formulated to remove heavy concrete splashes, excess mortar, retarders, heavy efflorescence and embedded stains from textured concrete and concrete block. Ideal for "weathering" concrete and precast.

Ferrous Stain Remover is a specialty masonry cleaning product that effectively removes iron, manganese, vanadium, straw stains, acid burns and tother metallic discolorations from brick. stone, masonry and concrete surfaces.

800 Stain Remover is a specialty masonry cleaning product that effectively removes green vanadium stains commonly found in buff or white brick. 800 Stain Remover also removes straw stains, acid burns and other metallic discolorations from most masonry surfaces.

White Scum Remover is designed for removing salt scums from clay brick and tile surfaces. When properly applied, this blend of mild organic and inorganic acidic compounds, combined with special wetting agents and inhibitors, safely and easily removes salt scum without discoloring or altering the surface.

Asphalt & Tar Remover is a highly efficient multipurpose solvent cleaner for masonry and concrete. It is easy to apply and water rinsable. Ideal for cleaning and surface preparation. Asphalt & Tar Remover will not damage most masonry or concrete. It removes asphalt, tar, grease, hydraulic oil, and motor oil.

Lime Putty Remover is a concentrated acidic cleaner designer for removal of excess mortar, heavy lime deposits and normal construction stains from new masonry where high-strength lime putty mortar is used. Lime Putty Remover is also effective remedial cleaner for removal of heavy lime runs or other calcium-based staining which weeps out of water-saturated masonry walls.
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Category:Masonry Accessories
SubCategory: Masonry and Brick Cleaner
Manufacturer:Prosoco, Inc.
Description:SureKlean Heavy Duty Paint Stripper is a slow working stripper that stays active up to 24 hours. Heavy Duty Paint Stripper cuts through multiple layers of paint-often removing 12 or more coats with one application. The productís longer dwell time allows contractors to work large surface areas, applying the stripper one day, rinsing the next. (This can result in tremendous labor savings, compared to strippers requiring several applications.) Available in a brush grade or spray grade for greater labor efficiency. Neutralize treated surfaces with Limestone & Masonry Afterwash or the appropriate restoration cleaner

509 Paint Stripper is a fast-acting paint stripper which removes high-strength clear coatings, urethanes, enamels and other coatings which require extra-strong stripping power. Many conventional strippers are not effective on these types of coatings. Also excellent for stripping wood and metal surfaces. Requires no surface neutralization.

859 Stripper is a fast-acting stripper for vertical and horizontal surfaces. 859 Stripper is particularly suited for removal of yellowed sealers and wax build up from marble and terrazzo floors.

859 Stripper removes graffiti and a variety of paint coatings from masonry wood and metal surfaces. The productís high flash point and absence of aromatic hydrocarbons make it safer for interior use. Requires no surface neutralization.

Sure Klean Restoration Cleaner has been proven effective on thousands of historic structures. Cleans brick, granite, marble, sandstone, terra cotta, exposed aggregate concrete and many other surfaces.

Sure Klean Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner is a concentrated product that removes built-up grime from brick, granite, marble, sandstone, terra cotta and exposed aggregate concrete.

Sure Klean Light Duty Restoration Cleaner is a highly efficient, gelled cleaner is a colorless blend of cleaning agents, detergents and inhibitors. Compared to conventional acidic restoration cleaners, the corrosive characteristics of Light Duty Restoration Cleaner have been dramatically reduced to minimize potential for damage to unprotected nonmasonry surfaces.

BioKlean safely removes biological and atmospheric staining from vertical or horizontal masonry surfaces. This complete system cleans difficult mold and mildew staining the blackens limestone, marble, concrete and other masonry surfaces in humid environments. Each BioKlean kit includes a powered cleaner, a liquid activator (for use on heavy soiling),.and a powdered afterwash.

MPC Multi-Purpose Cleaner cleans and deodorizes interior and exterior hard surfaces. Not only safe for brick, concrete, ceramic tile, natural stone, it is also safe for use on metal, wood, plastic and most painted surfaces. MPC is ideal for the removal of residues of mud, dust, grease, oil, food and other stains commonly found on new construction sites.
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