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Category:Joint Materials
SubCategory: Preformed Plastic Adhesive Waterstop
Manufacturer:Sykno-Flex Products, Inc.
Description:The approved alternate to conventional waterstops .. with tremendous labor savings

Synko-Flex Adhesive Waterstop Application Details ...

* Underground Structures
* Tanks
* Tunnels
* Foundation Walls

Unique Benefits of Synko-Flex Adhesive Waterstops

* Indefinite shelf-life
* Synko-Flex waterstop adheres to ready mixed concrete during its hardening process.
* The flexible seal never sets up, cracks, shrinks, dries out, loses plasticity or changes in any way.
* Concrete is bonded together with a permanently flexible, acid and alkali, sewage and water resistant sealant.
* Synko-Flex waterstop does not depend on water, swelling, oxidizing, evaporating or chemical action or its adhesive or cohesive strength
* Flashing with direct flame will not harm the Synko-Flex, cause it to melt, burn or give off irritating or obnoxious odors.
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