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Category:Joint Materials
SubCategory: Rubber Expansion Joint Filler
Manufacturer:A.P.S. Cork
A.P.S. Rubber Expansion Joint Filler is a highly resillient and flexible, bonded rubber joint filler for concrete produced to a uniform thickness and density. It is readily compressible with a recovery of 90% or more of the original thickness and has a density of not less than 30 pounds per cubic foot as per ASTM D-1752 specifications. Available in gray or black.

A.P.S. Rubber Expansion Joint Filler should be used in concrete structures where resiliency and flexibility is essential as could occur on sewage treatment plants, power plants, tunnels, airports, and deep foundations. It is recommended for use with all polymer based joint sealants.

A.P.S. Rubber Expansion Joint Filler should be installed against the forms or other adjacent abutting structures, as detailed on the plans, before placing concrete. It can be easily cut to size on the job with a utility knife. On site cutting enables the contractor to always have on hand the exace size required, eliminating overbuying of various sizes.

Thickness: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" - 3" in 1/2" increments
Width: 3" - 36"
Length: 3'
Standard Sheet Size: 3' X 3'

Approximate Weight:
1/4" - 8.75# per sheet
3/8" - 13.25# per sheet
1/2" - 17.50# per sheet
4/4" - 26.25# per sheet
1" - 35.00# per sheet

ASTM D-1752, Type 1 gray
AASHTO M-153, Type 1 gray
*Unless black is specified

Physical Properties:
Color: Black or Gray
Compression Deflection (p.s.i.) @ 50% Compression: 50 -500
Density (p.c.f.): 30 Minimum
Temparature Range low - high (F): +20 to 150
Recovery: 90% minimum
Tensile Strength (min. p.s.i.): 20
Elongation (min.): 60%

Immersion of APS Rubber Expansion Joint Filler in gasoline, toluene, naptha and similar solvents is not recommended. Surface contact with these fluids may cause swelling and softening.
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