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Category:Concrete Accessories
Manufacturer:Symons Corp.
Description:A form tie would seem to be a product that is easily fashioned by most any job shop. Yet each form tie is required to contain tremendous concrete pressure. Just one bad tie, whether weakened by substandard raw material or a fractured weld, can result in a costly or dangerous situation.

Ties manufactured by Symons are specially designed for use with the Steel﷓Ply Forming System and are subject to extensive quality control testing. This testing includes raw material performance; length and loop tolerance; tensile strength measurement; and coating and packaging inspection. Each tie is a dependable component in the form work layout.

All Symons ties are manufactured under strict quality control and have known load ratings (see chart). These load ratings are used to determine the necessary safety factor for all Steel-Ply Forming System layouts.

Symons provides the most complete selection of standard tie designs for the Steel-Ply Forming System. These designs allow for proper tie selection for each forming application.
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