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Category:Tools & Supplies
SubCategory: Utility Sprayer
Description:The price point sprayer that is strong and dependable.

The all purpose line of Chapin sprayers is designed for a wide range of household assignments and comes with a 36" reinforced hose, shut-off with lock-on feature for continuous spraying, a 2-piece ply adjustable cone nozzle that's detachable for easy clean up and fits diretly to the shut-off or extension wand. An added benefit is the built-in wrench on the shut-off for easy disassembly. Chaplin offers 4-color horizontal/verticla, easy-to-read packaging and UPC bar coding for easy and accurate inventory control and pricing.

·Stainless steel for strength, chemical resistance and safety on model 3614.
·TRI-POXY triple protection against corrosion, cracking and pitting.
·12" poly/brass extension on models 3101, 3102, and 3614 rotates 360 degress.
·16" poly/brass extension on model 3103 rotates 360 degress.
·5" wide funnel top for easy filling.
·Comfortable carrying strap on model 3102, 3103 & 3614
·TRI-POXY tanks rinse cleaner, models 3101, 3102, and 3103

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